A dedicated puzzle piece notching machine.  Using Qbasic the PC controls two stepper motors, 3 air cylinders and two solid state relays. A small stepper does piece positioning, a large stepper controls the cutter height.  Two air cylinders are for piece clamping and one for table movement. The two solid state relays are for the saw and dust collector AC power. Started out as a Delta table saw.  The only original parts left are motor, table and power switch.  Designed  and built by Jerry McFarland

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Techno CNC Router

Sherline Mill and Lathe

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Tormach PNC1100 Mill.   Just got this in 2008.  At 1100 lbs. it was tricky getting this baby elephant into the basement.

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Machining pieces for a pentagonal puzzle out of white Delrin.  That’s a custom cutter in the mill.  I had a 20 degree tapered end mill re-machined to 18 degrees.cnc_mill.html
A pentagonal puzzle with 6 identical pieces, designed by Oskar van Deventer.cnc_mill.html
The setup for machining pinwheel puzzle pieces.  cnc_mill.html